[100% Free #Udemy All Course] #YouTube #Master class - Your Complete Guide to YouTube

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YouTube Masterclass - Your Complete Guide to YouTube Free All.....
[100% Free #Udemy All Course] #YouTube #Masterclass - Your Complete Guide to YouTube
YouTube Masterclass - Your Complete Guide to YouTube

Introduction - Start Here
1. Course Overview

2. Why YouTube?

3. Who are Mike and Lauren?

4. See Phil's Success and Replicate

Starting YouTube Channel From Zero with Mike & Lauren

5. Section Intro

6. Mike and Lauren - Starting from Scratch

7. Quality vs. Quantity (Start with quantity as you build quality)

8. Consistency is King

9. Views Come Before Subscribers

Complete Walk-Through of the Creator Studio

10. Section Intro

11. The Dashboard Walk-Through

12. Video Manager Walk-Through

13. Live Streaming Walk-Through

14. Community Walk-Through

15. Channel Walk-Through

16. Analytics Walk-Through

17. Create Walk-Through

18. Practice Exercise - Sign Up for Your Account

YouTube Best Practices
19. Section Intro

20. Target a Specific Audience

21. Be Consistent

22. Think About Sustainability & Discoverability

23. Create Shareable Content

24. Collaborate with Other YouTubers

25. Interact with Viewers and Create Raving Fans

26. Be Authentic

27. Practice Exercise - Set S.M.A.R.T. Goals

How to Get Views Without Subscribers

28. Section Intro

29. Focus on Search

30. Keyword Planning

31. Google Keyword Planner - Walk Through

32. Self Promotion - Where We Promote

Section: 6
Converting Views to Subscribers
33. Section Intro

34. Why Care About Subscribers?

35. Talking to your Audience

36. How Long Should I Make My Videos?

37. End Cards, Annotations, Outros

38. Create Unique Content

Section: 7
YouTube Tips with Mike

39. Tap into Established YouTube Communities

40. Always Be Cutting (Short Videos Get Shared)

41. Tent Pole Programming

42. The 10% Controversial

Section: 8
Equipment for Creating Amazing Videos

43. Section Intro

44. Phil's Video Equipment

45. Mike and Lauren's Video Equipment

46. Video on a Budget - What's Possible for Under $100

47. Importance of Good Audio Over Video

48. Which Microphone Should You Use?

49. Video Lighting Tips

50. Phil's DIY Paper Lantern Setup

51. Choosing a Video Backdrop

52. Where to Find Music for Your Videos

53. Workflow and Time Management Tips

54. Practice Exercise - Create a Video

Section: 9
How We Make Our Videos with Mike & Lauren

55. Section Intro

56. Researching, Outlining, and Scripting

57. Editing Our Videos

58. Making Great Thumbnails - Even if you're not a graphic designer

59. Posting Our Videos

Section: 10
Posting and Optimizing Your Videos

60. Section Intro

61. How to Post a YouTube Video

62. Choosing a Great Video Title

63. Writing a Great Video Description

64. Choosing Great Video Tags

65. Uploading a Great Custom Thumbnail

66. YouTube Annotations and Cards

Section: 11
Designing a Better YouTube Channel

67. Creating Playlists

68. Designing Your Channel

69. The Channel Trailer

70. Branding Your Video with a Subscribe Watermark

Download Subscribe Button.png DOWNLOAD

71. Creating Custom Channel Art - Demonstration

 Channel Art Template (Fireworks).png DOWNLOAD

 Channel Art Template (Photoshop).psd DOWNALOD

72. Practice Exercise - Post a Video

Section: 12
Growing Your Audience and Getting More Subscribers

73. Section Intro

74. Recognize Your Community

75. Share on Social Media

76. Share with Blogs and Websites

77. Advertising Your Videos and Channel

78. How to Create a Video Ad on YouTube

79. Practice Exercise - Collaborate with YouTubers

Section: 13
Measuring Results with Analytics

80. Section Intro

81. Understanding Your Analytics

82. Video Watch Time, Audience Retention, and Demographics

83. Traffic Sources, Playback Locations, and Devices

84. Why Does Engagement Matter?

85. Estimated Earnings and How to Make More Money on YouTube

86. Calculating Your Cost Per Mille (CPM), and Setting YouTube Revenue Goals

87. Practice Exercise - Replicate a Popular Video

88. Use Social Blade to See Your Channel Stats and Predictions

Section: 14
Making Money with YouTube

89. Section Intro

90. YouTube Ads

91. Channel Sponsors

92. Selling Digital and Physical Products

93. Crowdfunding (Patreon)

94. Practice Exercise - Create a Sales Funnel

Section: 15
95. Our Final Thoughts & Thank You

Section: 16
Bonuses - YouTube Graphics and More

96. YouTube Graphics Overview

 YouTube Graphics Pack.zip DOWNLOAD

97. Subscribe Pop Up Graphics and Tutorial

 Subscribe Graphics.zip DOWNLOAD

98. How to Use the YouTube Graphics Template in After Effects and Premiere Pro

99. How to Add Annotations to Your Graphics